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Spånga El & Väskor har äntligen fått igång sin nya hemsida, den här gången med en komplett e-handelslösning!
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Makgio handväskor

Nu är vi återförsäljare för Makgio damväskor. Frank-Italiensk design. Lyx och kvalitet till rätt pris.
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Ny lokal på Spånga Torg

Nu har vi flyttat till ny fin lokal på Spånga Torg 4. Välkomna!
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Epic Crate Reflex

Epic Crate Reflex

Chrystal Rose

Reflekterande väska .

3 lager komposit gör att väskan skiner som en diamant både dag och natt

som fort den nås av ljus.


-4:a hjul


-Vattentäta blixtlås


Kabinväska som klarar tex. Ryanair. Mått: H55 W40 D20 cm | 40 L | 2.5 Kg


Resväska Mått: H66 W46 D25 cm | 68 L | 3.3 Kg


Resväska Mått: H76 W54 D28 cm | 103 L | 4.4 Kg

Garanti: 5 år

Färger: Chrystal Rose, Sparking Champagne, Charcoal Black, Twilight Blue


Nu på lager igen!


This special edition of EPIC Crate is equipped with a three layer
composite material combining strength, flexibility, beauty, depth
and now even a reflective function provided through truly reflective
elements within the film.

All together this makes a very special case which shines like a diamond
by day and by night.

Sparkle like a star or a diamond by night.
Let it touch light and it becomes beautifully bright.

EPIC® Crate Reflex™. Beautifully bright!



How do you make a lightweight, very strong and beautiful high-performance case and still have cash left for more fun at your destination? We say make it with EPIC® DuraLITE™ shell material.

For our DuraLITE™ shells we use two layers of some the very best pure ABS material available coupled with a pure polycarbonate outer film adding to its strength and impact resistance. These shells will really take a beating, and do it with a big smile on their face. Beyond that, the DuraLITE™ sheen makes colors and prints pop like little else we’ve seen!
EPIC® DuraLITE™ outer shell material is used on Crate EX™, and Crate WildLIFE™.


Airspeed® components are designed and manufactured with ergonomics, low weight, high performance, and durability as highest priorities. You can expect comfort, great performance, and a long service life. All Airspeed® components can even be replaced in the event that they become damaged or you wear them out. It doesn't get much better than Airspeed®!


Equipped with rubberized, waterproof zipper closure.


When travelling to the United States, the Transportation Security Administration “TSA” screens every passenger’s baggage before it is placed on an airplane. While technology allows us to electronically screen bags, there are times when TSA needs to physically inspect a piece of luggage. The TSA has worked with several companies to develop locks that can be opened by security officers using universal “master” keys so that the locks may not have to be cut. Products from EPIC® marked with the Travel Sentry symbol are equipped with approved locks from Travel Sentry, and meet the standards for global travel security.


This is a further refined cabin size concept that optimizes even the width of the case and gives us the maximum allowable dimensions of 55cm height, 40cm width, and, of course, 20cm depth. This is a size format that we use for many of our hard sided cases.


This trolley is equipped with our [4X]™ wheel system, which is our fully mobile four-wheel system. The components we use are from Hinomoto® or Airspeed®. The exact wheel specification can vary according model. Check the specs closely for more details.


Sparkling Champagne

Charcoal Black

Artnr: Benämning: Pris: Antal:
ECX-403-02/01 Epic Crate Reflex 55cm Charcoal Black (Lägg till i Önskelistan ) 1 799 kr/st
Just nu! 1 599 kr/st
ECX401-02-01 Epic Crate Reflex 76cm Charcoal Black (Lägg till i Önskelistan ) 2 199 kr/st
Just nu! 1 899 kr/st
ECX401-12 Epic Crate Reflex 76 Chrystal Rose (Lägg till i Önskelistan ) 2 199 kr/st
Just nu! 1 899 kr/st
ECX401/02-21 Epic Crate Reflex 76cm Sparkling Champagne (Lägg till i Önskelistan ) 2 199 kr/st
Just nu! 1 899 kr/st
ECX402-12 Epic Crate Reflex 66cm Chrystal Rose (Lägg till i Önskelistan ) 1 999 kr/st
Just nu! 1 699 kr/st
ECX402/02-01 Epic Crate Reflex 66cm Charcoal Black (Lägg till i Önskelistan ) 1 999 kr/st
Just nu! 1 699 kr/st
ECX402/02-21 Epic Crate Reflex 66cm Sparkling Champagne (Lägg till i Önskelistan ) 1 999 kr/st
Just nu! 1 699 kr/st
ECX403-12 Epic Crate Reflex 55cm Chrystal Rose (Lägg till i Önskelistan ) 1 799 kr/st
Just nu! 1 599 kr/st
ECX403/02-21 Epic Crate Reflex 55cm Sparkling Champage (Lägg till i Önskelistan ) 1 799 kr/st
Just nu! 1 599 kr/st


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