MAKGIO, is one of the largest and most dynamic retailers of women accessories, bags, shoes, purses, belts, watches. Owned and run by the founders Stavros Makridis & Eleni Giolda, has earned the much hallowed space in the fashion-accessories industry through its superior product design, relevant trends, excellent quality and affordable prices for clients and collogues.
The advantage of MAKGIO brand is that it maintains an aura of a luxury brand which though is affordable and can be purchased by customers in low prices. 


MAKGIO Accesstories, is a stylish, sexy fashion label, its monogram MG stands for glamour, quality and luxury, which now every woman can enjoy with little money with MAKGIO products.

We have dedicated design teams for each of our product line, to ensure an unrivalled understanding of each consumer market. Trusted by today’s leading retail buyers, we deliver products that a customer wants to buy, on time and on budget. From design to delivery, we control every aspect of production to guarantee great products at the best prices. 


With our proven design flair and supply expertise we can deliver completely bang up to date products at unique prices. The company directly operates stores in major cities in Greece and markets in Europe. It is also a wholesaler supplying with its products more than 2000 stores in Greece and also in countries around the world.